Chris Mercer:

Perhaps the highlight of being coached by Marc is the release of potential that I never knew I had. Through constant feedback and a wonderful variety of training types in any given week Marc produced a training plan that saw me go from strength to strength since returning from injury. So successful was my plan that I went from knee surgery in September 2014 to 3:30 marathon in October 2015 – setting PBs at almost every distance along the way (and knocking 51minutes off my marathon PB.) The plan that Marc created was well set out, appropriate to my lifestyle and family commitments (thanks to a detailed approach that Marc takes to planning at the beginning), and flexible from the very start as Marc offered the opportunity to feed-back on a weekly basis. Without doubt, amongst all the costs of training for, and taking part in, a marathon, hiring Marc as my coach was the best investment; I have never before experienced such a period of consistent, injury-free, and enjoyable training.

Vicky Bingham:

Marc’s advice and encouragement were critical to my success in my first marathon. His training plan really improved my endurance. More importantly, his reassurance at a point when I was considering giving up spurred me on; I now feel really positive about the whole experience and can’t wait to have another go. In the final stages of my marathon I could really see that his plan and strategy had been spot on.

Marc was very flexible when drawing up a training plan. He factored in all sorts of variables and told me what to prioritise when life got in the way of the plan. You can find all sorts of plans on the internet but I had used these before and ended up injured and stressed because they weren’t right for me. On Marc’s plan I became a more confident runner and ran injury free throughout.

Gavin Megaw:

Runners try lots of things to get faster. New shoes. New routines. New diets. Without a doubt, the training I have received from Mile Marc has had the most significant and positive impact out of anything I have tried in four years of running.

“Marc’s positive enthusiasm should be bottled and distributed to coaches in every sport. He has a unique ability to keep people focused on their performance while making even the toughest sessions fun and rewarding.

“You expect coaches to check in with you from time to time, but Marc goes beyond the call of duty. His personal touch is sincere, and allows him to tap into what’s working and what needs changing, ensuring he can challenge your thinking and maximise the return from training and racing.

“My race times have fallen and my fitness risen ever since I started working with Marc. Most importantly, my passion for running has gotten stronger and stronger. I put a huge part of that down to working with Marc; he is without doubt the best kept secret in running coaching.”

Ben Evans :

I have been an elite marathon runner for five years. I have ten sub-3-hour marathons to my name, a top 150 finish at London and a 2.37 PB at Boston. I tried  different training plans, running techniques, equipment, physiological tests but found no way to improve.  Then I found Mile Marc.

Training with Marc has enabled me to reach levels that I hadn’t thought possible. He provides a comprehensive training plan tailored to my needs as a runner and gives me practical ways to improve. He takes time to understand me as a person rather than a time on a stopwatch and motivates me to take my abilities the next level.

I have always tried to run hard, but training with Marc has shown me how to run fast. I never want to look back.

Ben’s powerof10 page is available here

Kim Hookem-Smith :

Marc is pretty much the only reason I made it round my half marathon (and in such a good time!).

He made me a realistic training plan that took into account my lifestyle and worked with me to adapt it as the training went on. It pushed me to train hard but wasn’t so daunting it put me off.

Marc also gave me a couple of key phone pep talks I needed when my training plateaued, that sorted me right out. He’s got a wealth of running knowledge and he gets it across in a down-to-earth, do-able way, and makes it fun.

Marc also ran a 10k with me ahead of the big one, which I definitely wouldn’t have done without his organisation and encouragational skills! Am very proud of my medal, thanks Mile Marc!  Medals

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