Gavin Megaw:

Runners try lots of things to get faster. New shoes. New routines. New diets. Without a doubt, the training I have received from Mile Marc has had the most significant and positive impact out of anything I have tried in four years of running.

“Marc’s positive enthusiasm should be bottled and distributed to coaches in every sport. He has a unique ability to keep people focused on their performance while making even the toughest sessions fun and rewarding.

“You expect coaches to check in with you from time to time, but Marc goes beyond the call of duty. His personal touch is sincere, and allows him to tap into what’s working and what needs changing, ensuring he can challenge your thinking and maximise the return from training and racing.

“My race times have fallen and my fitness risen ever since I started working with Marc. Most importantly, my passion for running has gotten stronger and stronger. I put a huge part of that down to working with Marc; he is without doubt the best kept secret in running coaching.”

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