A zero running week, but still good training?

Last week, I didn’t manage to run a single mile. Not quite complete laziness though! I with a couple of my friends went to walk the Cleveland Way, a long distance walk in Yorkshire covering a total of about 109 miles. 

The Cleveland Way seems to me one of the best National Trails that I have walked (I have completed about 5 so far). It might be that my judgement was slightly clouded by the fantastic weather that the we had, a single morning of light rain, and then a week of sun tan lotion and Oakleys!

I had bought quite a bit of new kit to test out on the walk, but as the weather was largely fine, I didn’t really get much of an opportunity, however on a few occasions, I did get a chance to test out a new Seal Skinz Waterproof Hat  

I must say I was hugely impressed with this bit of kit. It seems pretty breathable – I’m someone who tends to get pretty sweaty given half an opportunity – and my head stayed dry in admittedly pretty light rain. In fact the only issue was some water dripping off the into my eyes as it pealed of the hat. 

So the real question is, does walking about 20 miles a day with a fairly substantial pack on benefit your running? 

Well, on getting home I certainly felt a bit lighter on my feet, and in fact lost a couple of kilos during the walk. Nutrition while out walking wasn’t great, and a few beers on most nights, probably isn’t ideally. However, having done a few runs since being back, I feel pretty fresh, and the legs feel good. No tightness or anything. I suppose that very regular use of legs and shoulder muscles for most of the day, should tighten everything up and improve stability while run. 

Mind you, what do I know? If you have any thoughts on this let me know. 

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  1. October 6, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    For those people that are asking, the flag is the county flag of Dorset, the newest county flag to be adopted!

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